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Introduction to Industrial Organization (2nd Ed)
(page last updated July 5, 2017)

The second edition of Introduction to Industrial Organization was published in March 2017. Thank you to all who encouraged me to write this new edition as well as those who provided helpful comments on previous drafts.


I have a complete set of slide decks covering all of the book's chapters. I am happy to share the LaTeX source or the corresponding pdf files. Please ask me or MIT Press about it.

Solutions to exercises

I have a complete set of answers to end-of-chapter exercises. I am happy to send them to instructors. Please ask me or MIT Press about it.

Teaching notes and test bank

I am currently working on a set of teaching notes as well as a series of additional exercises. Qualified instructors please feel free to ask me for the latest version.

Course syllabi

I created a page with syllabi (and detailed outlines) of courses which use IIO as a textbook. Please let me know if you are willing to share your own.


Notwithstanding the several pairs of eyes that checked previous drafts, I am sorry to report that a number of typos and errors have survived into the first printing. Please see the List of Known Typos and let me know if you find any that is not listed here.

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