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Known typos in first printing of
Introduction to Industrial Organization (2nd Ed)

In spite of the several pairs of eyes that checked the draft of Introduction to Industrial Organization (2nd Edition), I am sorry to report that a number of typos and errors have survived into the first printing. Below is a list of the ones I am aware of.
I thank Mary Beth Deily (Lehigh University) and others who have pointed these out to me. Please let me know if you find more.

Page Location Description
25First equation For consistency sake, income elasticity should be denoted η rather than εy
30Line 3 of first paragraph in formal section It should be "utility from not buying an apple", not "utility from buying an apple"
39 Equation 3.1 For consistency sake, the TFP coefficient should be ωi, not ξi
45 Line 5-6 of second paragraph should be "second unit is 8.5", not "second unit is 7.5"
61 Question 3.5 Substitute "daily" and "day" for "weekly" and "week"
64 Line 6 Substitute "β-e" for "β>0"
89 Last line Should read "who does not mind purchasing abroad", not "who does not mind to purchase abroad"
90 Problem 4.12 Should read "hint: consider a short-run equilibrium", not "hint: consider a monopolist with constant average and marginal cost c"
96 Second sentence in first complete paragraph Should read "or an output subsidy", not "or a output subsidy"
97 Line -4 in Box 5.1 Should read "than", not "then"
100 Line -3 Should read "area of the", not "are of the"
101 end of first paragraph Should read "...0 and less than 1 (and c1 > 0)"
110 Box 5.3, 3rd paragraph, 2nd sentence Should read "PC makers", not "PC markers"
121 line -3 Should read "the area π", not "(pM-c)qM"
121 line -1 Should read "a greater margin per unit sold", not "a greater margin, p - c, per unit sold"
125 First paragraph in Section 6.1 Delete sentence "pounds 117, euro 125 and Y18,000, respectively)"
137 Third complete paragraph Should read "fixed fee", not "fixe fee"
141 line 3 of last complete paragraph Should read "independent and identically distributed", not "independent"
149 Question 6.3 Should read "same practice", not "same is practice"
151 line 8 in Question 6.10 Should read "$50 to students", not "$50 to consumers"
153 line 6 in Question 6.16 Should read "i=h,l", not "i=1,2"
154 line 3 in Question 6.17 Should read "that a risk-neutral Bidder 1", not "that Bidder 1"
166 line 2 in third paragraph of "Continuous Variables" section Should read "Si", not "S"
168 line 4 in first complete paragraph Should read "decision onde (or endnode)", not "decision node"
171 Figure 7.9 Last endnode should be "-10,10", not "-10,-10"
172 line -4 Should read "Players 1 and 2: start at (T,L); if in the past", not "Players 1 and 2: if in the past"
174 Third line from bottom After "estimates that the average valuation", add "(in thousands of dollars)"
174 last line Should read "these averages", not "these average"
175 First line Should read $30,000, not $30.
175 Second line in third complete paragraph Should read "4.5 or 30 (values in thousands of dollars)", not "$4.50 or $30"
177 Figure 7.12 Values [0 ,0] and [26.1, -25.3] should be swapped
179 Problem 7.3(b) Where it reads "800k" it should simply be "800." Or: think of all quantity values in 000 units.
180 Part (d) of Question 7.7 Should read "comment on this statement", not "comment this statement"
181 Question 7.12 Should read "if both choose H, then each gets 4; if both choose L, then each gets 5", not ""if both choose H, then each gets 5; if both choose L, then each gets 4""
204 Last line in advanced section The letter X should be omitted from the equation 2/3 120 = $80 (or replaced by the LaTeX character \times)
215 Question 8.16 First equation should have "(p-MC)/p", not "(p-MC)/MC"
215 Question 8.19, second and third lines Should read "Each firm's cost function is given by C = 10 + q(q+2)", not "Each firm's cost function is given by C = 10 + q(q+1)"
216 Footnote 7. Should read "Scheinkman", not "Sheinkman"
230 Seventh line from bottom Should read "firms or by the government", not "firms of by the government"
242 Question 9.1, third line Should read "industries", not "countries"
242 Question 9.1, fifth line Should read "finally, 1-h", not "finally, h"
243 Question 9.9, first line Should read "law allowing", not "low allowing"
245 Last line in Exercise 9.17 Should read "increasing in n", not "decreasing in n"
256 Footnote f Should read "structure", not "strcuture"
257 Footnote h Should not be indented
258 Box 10.1, fifth paragraph, first line Should read "as incomes increase", not "as incomes increases"
262 Empirical evidence section, 2nd and 3rd lines Should read "the number of firms", not "industry concentration"
264 Line 4 Should read "is therefore", not "this therefore"
264 Line -2 Should read "lending rates and deposit rates", not "lending rates deposit rates"
272 End of 2nd paragraph in box Should read "from", not "form"
278 Second line There is an extra "21" at the end of the line; it should be deleted
279 Question 10.19, third line Should read "factors", not "factores"
282 Fifth paragraph, third line Should read "qualify", not "quality"
284 Box 11.1, first line Should read "immune", not "imune"
285 First paragraph of mathematical section Append "Market demand is given by D = a - p"
286 Second bullet point Should read "number two supplier", not "number three supplier"
287 Last paragraph in first math section Should read "c'=c", not "c=c^k"
289 Line -4 Should read "these estimates", not "these are estimates"
291 Line -5 Should read "a firm's exit", not "an firm exit"
303 Line 3 Should read "Luton", not "Lutton"
306 First line in third paragraph Should read "incumbent chooses", not "entrant chooses"
306 Third line in 'The Stackelberg Model' box Should read "with", not "which"
307 Last line in first math section Should be "than Firm 2", not "than Firm 1"
307 Second equation Should be "+2c1", not "-2c1"
307 Box 'Entry Deterrence in Capacity Setting Games', first inequality Sign should be reversed to greater or equal
307 Box 'Entry Deterrence in Capacity Setting Games', last equation Should be πD1=(a-c2-2(bE)0.5)(c2-c1+(bE)0.5)
308 Figure 12.2 Should read πB2, not πS2
311 Fourth and fifth lines in main text Should read "Still another example", not "Still another telecommunications example"
318 Eighth line Should read "keep prices low is not", not "keep prices is not"
319 Line 6 in Low-cost signalling section Should read "quasi-monopoly", not "quasi-monopoloy"
321 Line -2 in Microsoft section Should read "1 billion", not "1 million"
323 Second line in main text Should read "the predator must have", not "the prey must have"
327 Question 12.3, fourth line Should read "increases in monthly fees and fees for local calls", not "increases in monthly fees and local calls"
338 Line 2 in third paragraph Should read "part manufacturer M", not "manufacturer M"
351 Table 14.1, second row Should be "squared feet", not "squared feed"
357 Last inequality in advance material section Should be d p1 / dp2 > 0, not < 0.
365 Line -5 Should be "expenditures;", not "expenditures and;"
371 Line 4 Should be "may be increased", not "may be increases"
397 Last line in first paragraph of Exercise 15.7 Should be "decide how much to purchase", not "how much to pay"
399 First line Should read "twenty-first century", not "twenty-first"
399 Footnote a Should read "will then be made", not "will then made"
405 Last line Should read "are equilibrium values", not "and equilibrium values"
406 Fifth line from bottom Should read "we flip it around", not "we flit it around"

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