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Industrial Organization has needed a book like this. This articulate exposition of the subject by Luis Cabral, who has himself made many important contributions to the field, will be invaluable to all students of Industrial Organization.

-- Paul Klemperer, Fellow of the British Academy and Edgeworth Professor of Economics, Oxford University

This book seems destined to become a leading text in the field. It contains extremely good motivating examples from several countries, and is the first book successfully to incorporate a modern discussion of the determinants of market structure. I intend to adopt it.

-- Michael Waterson, Professor of Economics, University of Warwick

Cabral's Introduction to Industrial Organization is clear, precise, relevant, even fun. This delightful volume is your best choice for crisp and accessible coverage of I.O. theory.

-- Carl Shapiro, Transamerica Professor of Business Strategy, Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley

This is destined to be a leading text both for traditional courses in industrial organization and for courses on the economics of management strategy. It is rigorous without being intimidating and clear without being superficial.

-- Pierre Regibeau, University of Essex and Center for Economic Policy Research

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