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What's new

2005-12-01: Several typos and errors on the first edition of Introduction to Industrial Organziation are collected in the Corrections section. Please let me know if you find additional typos or errors.

2001-01-08: Happy New Year! In response to a number of requests, the solutions to end-of-chapter exercises were removed from the "Instructor's materials" section. An updated version of that file will be sent to instructors upon request.

2000-08-01: Introduction to Industrial Organization published by MIT Press. The book is now being shipped.

2000-07-11: Supplemental mathematical sections in PDF format were added; see the Instructor's guide section.

2000-07-10: PDF version of the Teaching notes was added; see the (new) Instructor's guide section.

2000-07-09: IO links page was added.

2000-07-06: Teaching notes, organized by chapter, are now available.

2000-06-07: Still in the development stage, the WWW service at is now accessible to the public.

2000-06-06: The current estimated date for publication is 28 July 2000.


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