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The following are the typos and errors noted in the first printing of Cabral’s Introduction to Industrial Organization. I wish to thank all who have called my attention to these, including

Ashish Shrivastava (New York University)
Francisco Galera (University of Navarra)
George Hendrikse (University of Rotterdam)
Helen Louri (Athens Schoof of Economics and Business)
Hu Hanhui (Southeast University, China)
Jim Galanis (EPRI)
John Sessions (Unviersity of Illinois)
Per Baltzer Overgaard (University of Aarhus)
Rafael Rob (University of Pennsylvania)
Robert Osei (University of Nottingham)
Sofronis Clerides (University of Cyprus)
Stein Oestbye (University of Tromso)
Thomas Ross (University of British Columbia)
Vincenzo Delicolo’ (University of Bologna)

Special thanks to Vincenzo Delicolo’ (University of Bologna) who, in the process of translating and adapting the text to Italian, provided an extensive list of corrections. I apologize if I have forgotten any name in the above list.

Page 20, line 10.
Instead of “price is greater than marginal cost” it should be “price is greater than average cost”

Page 22, third paragraph (inside box), last line.
Instead of L7200 it should be L6200.

Page 25, line 11 (sentence before equation 2.2.).
In the equation “MR=…”, ??should be replaced by d.

Page 51, line 5-6.
It should be “4 and 3, respectively”, not “3 and 4, respectively”

Page 53, Figure 4.4.
The numbers on the (T,C) cell should be (2,0), not (2,2).
The numbers on the (T,R) cell should be (0,1), not (0,3).

Page 60, line –9.
It should be “Player 1 has 3 times 3 to the power or 9, or 59,049, possible strategies!”, not “Player 1 has 3 times 3 times 9, or 81, possible strategies!”

Page 66, Figure 4.13
Between the node leading to payoffs [98,96] and [99,101], there should be two additional nodes: one where player 2 chooses, the decision "d" leading to [97,99]; and one where player 1 chooses, the decision "d" leading to [100,98].

Page 93, line 7.
Instead of “price equals marginal cost” it should be “price equals average cost”

Page 104, line 1.
It should be “p= MC”, not “p=mc” (uppercase instead of lowercase).

Page 108, footnote h.
It should be “in absolute value”, not “in expected value”.

Page 112, lines 8 and 10.
The equations should read q1 + q2 = qC and q1 + q2 = qM, that is, without suprescript “M”.

Page 120.
Several numbers need be changed in the section “Calibration”
The indeces in c1 and c2 should be reversed. This corresponds to five occurrences, three on line 2 and two in the sentence preceding the equation for s1.
On line 7 (in the section), it should be “price was 13..33”, not “price was 16.66”
In the equation for s1, 20 should replace 25 (two occurrences).

Page 120, line –10.
It should be “In the current equilibrium, price is at $16.66 and output at 8.33”, not “In the current equilibrium, price is at $16.66”.

Page 121, line 2.
Thre should be a period after the formula, not a comma.

Page 131, line 7.
Instead of “hundreds of symmetric Bertrand duopolists” it should be “hundreds of symmetric Bertrand oligopolists”.

Page 195, line –8.
It should be “each retailer will set” instead of “each manufacturer will set”.

Page 206, line –9.
It should be “Firm 1’s product is better than Firm 2’s”, not “Firm A’s product is better than Firm B’s”.

Page 212, line –7.
It should be “at Store 1 is given by p’1”, not be “at Store 1 is given by p1” (that is, add a prime to p1).

Page 213, line 5.
It should be “total cost of buying from Firm 2, p’2 +…”, not “total cost of buying from Firm 2, p2 +…” (that is, add a prime to p2).

Page 226, footnote b.
It should be “possibilities of full information or no information” instead of “possibilities of positive sales or no sales”.

Page 243, line 3 after equation 14.1.
The inequality should be reversed, that is, “?(n^)????”??not “?(n^)????”?

Page 249, line 1.
It should be “the right to exploit”, not “the right to explore”.

Page 262, line 2.
It should be “Firms 2’s maximum profit”, not “Firm 2’s optimal output”.

Page 271, last line in fourth paragraph.
Equation should start with ???Greek letter rho), that is, it should be “??M > L…” instead of “?M > L…”.

Page 274, line –8.
It should be “the predator must have a reasonable expectation”, not “the prey must have a reasonable expectation”

Page 280, line –6.
It should be “effect (1) of an output reduction”, not “effect (2) of an output reduction”

Page 281, line –3.
Denote quantity by Q, not D. That is, “Q=150-P”, not “D=150-P”.

Page 296, line –4.
It should be “May 1976”, not “May 1996”.

Page 298, line –3 of fourth complete paragraph.
Instead of “?M-((1-??????D)” it should be “?M-((1-??????M)” (that is ?M instead of ?D).

Page 299, fourth paragraph in box, first line.
It should be “that is, three years later”, not “that is, two years later”.

Page 320, line 2-3.
It should be “first adopter is always to choose”, not “first adopter is also to choose”.

Page 327, line 5-6.
It should be “In 1988, the European”, not “In 1998, the European”.

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