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Working papers

  1. Standing on the Shoulders of Dwarfs: Dominant Firms and Innovation Incentives [Revised August 2018]
  2. Mixed Bundling in Retail DVD Sales: Facts and Theories (with Gabriel Natividad) [July 2018]
  3. Exporting Movies: Country Proximity, Release Strategy, and Performance (with Gabriel Natividad) [June 2018]
  4. Search and Equilibrium Prices: Theory and Evidence from Retail Diesel (with Dominik Schober and Oliver Woll) [March 2018]
  5. Incentive Regulation: Evidence from German Electricity Networks (with Michael Hellwig and Dominik Schober) [Revised February 2018]
  6. Staggered Contracts, Market Power, and Welfare [Revised September 2017]
  7. Competitive Effects of Partial Control in an Input Supplier (with Duarte Brito and Helder Vasconcelos) [July 2016]
  8. Rational Buyers Search When Prices Increase (with Sonia Gilbukh) [March 2016]
  9. Spin-offs: Theory and Evidence from the Early U.S. Automobile Industry (with Zhu Wang) [July 2009]
Forthcoming papers
  1. What Makes Geeks Tick? A Study of Stack Overflow Careers (with Lei Xu and Tingting Nian) [Revised February 2018], forthcoming in Management Science
  2. Sequential Auctions and Auction Revenue (with David Salant) [Revised November 2018], forthcoming in Economics Letters
  3. Incentive Pay and Systemic Risk (with Rui Albuquerque and José Guedes) [Revised August 2018], forthcoming in Review of Financial Studies
  4. Towards a Theory of Platform Dynamics [Revised July 2018], forthcoming in Journal of Economics and Management Strategy (special issue on Platforms)
  5. Alliance Formation and Firm Value (with Gonçalo Pacheco-de-Almeida) [Revised August 2017], forthcoming in Management Science
Notes on older working papers
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