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Working papers

  1. Asset Specificity and Inefficient Bargaining: Theory and Evidence from Television Shows (with Gabriel Natividad) [August 2023]
  2. Big Tech Acquisitions [June 2023]
  3. Strategic Leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility (with Rui Albuquerque) [Revised July 2022]
  4. Minority Traps [July 2022]
  5. Amazon and the Evolution of Retail (with Tommaso Bondi) [March 2022]
  6. Music Reviews and Music Demand: Evidence from Pitchfork and (with April Franco and Matthew Mitchell) [April 2021]
  7. Price Matching Guarantees and Collusion: Theory and Evidence from Germany (with Niklas Duerr, Dominik Schober and Oliver Woll) [Revised February 2021]
  8. Search and Equilibrium Prices: Theory and Evidence from Retail Diesel (with Dominik Schober and Oliver Woll) [March 2019]
  9. Standing on the Shoulders of Dwarfs: Dominant Firms and Innovation Incentives [Revised August 2018]
  10. Staggered Contracts, Market Power, and Welfare [Revised September 2017]
  11. Competitive Effects of Partial Control in an Input Supplier (with Duarte Brito and Helder Vasconcelos) [July 2016]
  12. Spin-offs: Theory and Evidence from the Early U.S. Automobile Industry (with Zhu Wang) [July 2009]
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