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I studyed economics at Stanford. I am most grateful to my thesis advisor, Paul Milgrom, for his help, support and guidance. At Stanford, I took classes in industrial organization from Tim Bresnahan and Roger Noll. The second member of my thesis committee was Mike Riordan. While I did not take any class from him, I learned a lot from Mike, some of which in the process of writing papers together. My decision to apply to Stanford was greatly influenced by the example and encouragement of Antonio Borges and Diogo Lucena, who were my teachers in Lisbon.

To all of you, thank you.

My Erdos number is a lousy 5. Alternative paths (courtesy of MATHSCINET) include:
1. Mike Riordan > David Sappington > Arup Bose > Gutti Jogesh Babu > Paul Erdős
2. Axel Anderson > Lones Smith > Kenneth Williams > John Chalk > Paul Erdős
3. Andy Schotter > Roy Radner > Yitzhak Katznelson > Vitaly Bergelson > Paul Erdős
Any number 3 or better willing to work together: send me a note!

Here's my academic tree (advisor, advisor's advisor, etc), courtesy of the Mathematics Genealogy Project. Very proud (and somewhat embarrassed) that my "ancestors" list includes Hilbert, Poisson, Fourier, Lagrange, Laplace, Euler, d'Alambert, Bernoulli, and (OMG!) my (advisor)^11 and greatest hero Carl Friedrich Gauss.

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