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A LaTeX article style file

I don't like the basic formatting of the LaTeX article document class. Over the past twenty years or so, I developed a series of formatting changes that make papers look nicer (in my view, of course). Here's an example using my zpaper.sty style file. One way to get started with this is to build on the .tex source file zpaper_example.tex which produces the above output.

A LaTeX macro for producing slides (old and out of date)

Why yet another slides macro? In fact, there are many options for writing slides in LaTeX. I decided to create my own style file because I found the other ones have a lot of extra stuff and use a lot of memory. For example, it is difficult to use PicTeX with beamer because the two together use up all of LaTeX's memory. (This may not be a very precise statement.) Moreover, having access to the commands in a relatively easy way gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can do. My style file is relatively short and is easy to understand and tinker with. Finally, I also think that writing code is fun.

In order to get an idea of what my slides style looks like, and what it can do, look at this demo file. If you are interested, here is the .tex file that I used to create it, and here is the .sty file for producing these slides.

Important notes: (a) you need to change the path to the file cabralslides.sty which you will find on the second line of the .tex file. (b) Because of the macros that cabralslides.sty calls, you should typeset the .tex file directly into .pdf.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to improve this. I have a bunch of other LaTeX macros which I hope to post here at some point.

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