Family, friend and colleague artists

I was privileged to be born into a family of artists, starting with my great-grandfather A. Roque Gameiro and  my grandfather J. Martins Barata. (See a brief report on a recent family exhibit.)

For many years, my mother worked as an illustrator. Several recent individual and collective exhibits celebrated her work. Click here to see the catalog cover from one of these exhibits; my mother's cv in illustrated form; and some samples of her work: Lançalote and Três De Braço Dado.

My brother Pedro is an architect; he also sketches a lot. His blog regularly includes some of his wonderful sketches. Recently, Pedro had a solo exhibit of his "bonecos".

My niece MMadalena studies art and has done some wonderful acrylics and watercolors. She also has a blog. In October 2007, in her first solo show, she exhibited a wonderful series of acrylics. I tried to get two that I really liked, but they had already been sold :(

Economists can be artists too

Arthur Fishman, the well-known economist from Bar-Ilan University, is also a painter and has an online gallery.

Moshe Kim, the well-known economist from the University of Haifa, does some wonderful sculptures.

One of the best-known painters in the economics profession is also one of the best-known economists in the economics profession: Will Baumol.

Do you know of any other economist artists whose links I could include here? If so, please let me know. Thanks!

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